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lubbock roofing companiesOver 100 years later, the inclusion of laminates, ceramic granules, and fiberglass felts has changed the attributes of residential shingles. Today’s challenging building environment demands the company Lubbock roofing contractor you implement to be well versed in all construction materials. With many years of roofing installation understanding, Lubbock Roofing Pro is among the best Lubbock roofing companies that have handled large roofing projects for residential and commercial establishments. Not only have we built our credibility over the years, but it’s also strengthened our confidence in delivering our clients’ needs with maximized efforts and performance.

Our expert roofers in Lubbock are attentive and meticulous when repairing, replacing, or installing shingle roofs. They never fail to make sure some underlying wood or other compound is removed and replaced if it’s required. Plan your free consultation today, and we can start moving toward an attractive, dependable shingle roof.


Lubbock Roofing Companies

Research has determined that fiberglass asphalt shingles usually last about 20 years, generally five years longer than many other Lubbock roofing shingle designs. So, we would suggest fiberglass asphalt shingles as your first choice. You can speak directly to our roofing professional if you want to discuss this option more. If in case you have another shingle design in your mind, feel free to check in with our roofers Lubbock consultants too.

Our roofers in Lubbock similarly use slate as a shingle material. Slate essentially contains finely grained sediments of several earthbound materials, including clay and pumice. We would recommend slate if your main objective is durability because slate shingles are in a position to last around a century in the best conditions. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t suggest slate shingles if the cost is a tremendous element because they’re going to cost you almost three times as much as several fiberglass asphalt shingles. Another relatively popular shingle variant is the shake shingle. They’re popular on the exteriors and roofs of properties worldwide. They look elegant from above and are also capable of withstanding time and extreme weather.

You may wonder how roofers Lubbock like us are capable of doing this? We utilize shingle roofing repair in an alternative way as compared to most Lubbock roofing companies. All of the damaged shingles are replaced, and worn shingles are repaired to address any leak issues in the home. To refurbish a shingle roof correctly, the roofing shingles need to be removed, and then we retain and check the wood top deck whether they can remain within the drip to its roots. Though they might be difficult to fix correctly, shingle roofs aren’t difficult to correct. We’re scrupulous, professional, transparent, and reliable. We never charge for the most excellent fix inspections, as well as we continuously provide cost-free and honest advice about your best condition. You can depend on us as we transform your shingle roofs into their best state, ready to age without compromising their quality performance.