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Roof repair and replacement are time-consuming and expensive tasks that require the attention of professionals. Whether your roof has sustained damage due to a recent storm or it has reached its full lifespan and needs replacement, call Lubbock Roofing Pro for help. We have established a reputation as a prominent roofing contractor due to our ability to provide outstanding services. When you hire us, our workers will communicate with you throughout the project, so you know what’s happening and won’t be blindsided. They will also make sure that they perform the task effectively and safely, something that they always do. For example, whether you have to replace all of the old shingles on your roof or just repair a couple of shingles, they will ensure that your roof is watertight. By doing so, water will slide off quickly from your roofing, preventing water from leaking into your home’s interiors and causing damage.

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Your home is one of your most significant purchases,  so we know that you want to keep it in good hands. With us, you don’t have to worry. We’re the company you can rely on when it comes to your roof requirements. We choose only the best materials for our services, and they come with official warranties because you deserve nothing less. From the first meeting until the project completion, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be entrusted to one of the best Lubbock roofing companies. We set ourselves apart from other Lubbock roofing companies by offering great solutions guaranteed to last, not just a temporary fix that will fail quickly. As a reliable west Texas roofing company, we take great satisfaction knowing that you are a hundred percent pleased with our job. Call us, and we’ll provide a free estimate after inspecting your home thoroughly. We guarantee that we’ll do everything we can so that you can stretch every cent and that you’ll be satisfied with your new roof.

We are a roofing company Lubbock TX recognized by our peers in the industry for our professionalism. We always have someone from our team ready to work with you on your projects, from your first telephone call to our office, to a sales supervisor going to your home, up to the moment we show you the final result. When our roofers Lubbock TX team visits your home, you’ll instantly feel comfortable with their professionalism. We know that your house is a significant investment, so we will conduct the comprehensive inspection it deserves. We will not just look at your rooftop. We will check your attic as well. 

Lubbock Roofing Pro has become a premier roofing company Lubbock TX can depend on. Business owners and commercial owners alike call us for their roofing needs. As reputable roofers in Lubbock, we’ve gained extensive firsthand experience dealing with various kinds of materials. We provide residential roofing products like tile, shingle roofs, and asphalt. Whether you would like us to fix your roof with the same material or hire us to replace it with a more robust structure, we will perform it by utilizing high-quality materials and expert methods. Regardless of your roofing requirements, our Lubbock contractors got you covered.

In case you want your roof replaced, then you can depend on our American roofing Lubbock services. Our insured and licensed roofing Lubbock contractors are experts in roofing installation and replacement. We can install various West Texas roofing materials, like shingles, flats, tiles, and metal. Whether you have metal roofing, slate roofing, or a pitched roof, we are confident that we can work on it efficiently and quickly because we have every kind of roofing materials available to get the job done. The full replacement cost will depend on your roof’s dimensions, materials, and the system utilized.  Let our roofing contractors install your new roof to ensure its durability, preventing any damage that could likely set you back more money in repairs.


Metal Roofing Lubbock

Known for their extraordinary durability, our metal roofing Lubbock TX products are available in a broad range of types and colors. Innovations in technology have drastically improved the functionality of metal roofing Lubbock, eliminating your worries about corrosion and rust. Today, these roofs resist cracking, chalking, and fading under even the most challenging weather conditions. 

We will provide you with whichever design you want for your metal roofing Lubbock needs. Be it Custom Orb, Trimdek, Spandek, Klip-Lok, or Multiclad, we have the right roofing design for you. Our metal roofing Lubbock TX is sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures and other external factors. Hire us today to see why we are the American roofing Lubbock company you need. 


I have a great experience with Lubbock Roofing Pro! The roofing repair was finished in a timely fashion. The team that worked on my roof was very professional and friendly, and the price was excellent for the quality of work. I highly recommend hiring Lubbock Roofing Pro for your roofing needs!

Jack Doeson

The installation team we had was professional, prompt, and courteous. The crew respected our home, and the foreman updated us each day on the project’s status. Additionally, the staff in product sales and installation worked as if we were VIPs. Thanks, Lubbock Roofing Pro!

Mark Robertson

Lubbock Roofing Pro was efficient and on time, and they left no trace after working. I’ve dealt with roofing companies that are rude and sloppy. Lubbock Roofing Pro was the exact opposite.

Lana Peterson

Lubbock Roofing Pro is terrific. They quickly answered my call for emergency leaks. They have incredible staff working who replaced my rooftop in less than a week. I couldn’t be more content. Thank you, Lubbock Roofing Pro!

Alex Wright

Lubbock Roofing Pro was great to work with. They walked me through all the steps of the process. I’m willing to recommend them to my very own family and friends.

Sam Quinn

Roofers Lubbock

Whether you have a flat roof or a steep slope roof, Lubbock Roofing Pro has the skills and experience to have the job done correctly and at a reasonable rate. Our job is not completed until you are delighted! Our roofers in Lubbock have been in the business for years, so we can easily get to the root of any roofing issues. We do not merely hide the symptoms and make temporary fixes. Also, it does not matter what the roofing material is or how significant the damage is. Our roofers Lubbock team can evaluate your roof and provide you with a much better price quote than what you may get from other contractors. What makes our roofers Lubbock TX extraordinary is their unmatched expertise in fixing roof leaks regardless of the roofing material. 

Your roof is one of the most important components of your house, and as a roofers Lubbock company, it is our primary goal to fix it well. Feel confident hiring a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor like us. Please check our reviews to see what people are saying about us.  We will also happily provide you with references when needed. Whether it’s for new home construction or just a remodeling, commercial roofing or residential roofing, flat roofs or ceramic tile roofs, we have the expertise to finish your roofing projects. We can guarantee your satisfaction.

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